Monday, 23 February 2015

Yay! Blinc Cosmetics Now In Australia!

Yay! Blinc Cosmetics products are now being sold in Australia! Why does Australia seem to be the last frontier for cosmetics companies I ask? Although to be fair, I must say more and more companies such as Blinc Cosmetics, Sephora and Urban Decay are finally realising Australians love their beauty products too and are slowly making their way to our shores.

Anyway, back to Blinc Cosmetics. Blinc Cosmetics is one of the top cosmetics retailers in the US. Their Amplified Mascara features every year on Sephora's top 10 selling products. They have now been in Australia for 6 months.

This post will review Blinc Cosmetics' Amplified Mascara as well as their Lash Primer.

Blinc Lash Primer
Blinc Lash Primer comes in a cute screw top tin, making the product extremely secure and safe for travel in handbags. This lash primer conditions, strengthens and volumizes your lashes.

I have been applying this lash primer both under my mascara in the mornings and also on its own at night before going to bed as a lash conditioning night treatment.

This primer is enriched with Vitamin E to nourish and protect your lashes.

I've found it has resulted in lengthening my lashes upon application whilst also conditioning and softening them.

The formula is white and upon initial application I felt a little bit like Princess Elsa from Frozen! But it does becomes clearer upon drying and under the mascara it's completely unnoticeable.

You need to allow 30 seconds in between applying each coat of this primer to allow it to dry before applying the next one.

Removal is easy, it comes off with the mascara. If worn alone, it can be washed off with warm water.

Blinc Amplified Mascara
Once again this product comes in a cute screw top tin. The product pictured is the travel sized amplified mascara.

Blinc's Amplified Mascara is an innovative product. It uses the original tube-technology mascara, meaning when applied tiny water resistant tubes are formed onto each lash, amplifying the volume and lengthening each individual eyelash! Once set the tubes don't run, smear, flake or penetrate the skin like traditional oil based paint mascaras.

I hadn't used any tube-technology mascaras before so I was very curious to see how this one worked. I found it applied easily with no problems. It was also easy to layer and apply more than one coat to achieve increased volumizing and especially lengthening.

I  tested the mascara out by wearing it to the gym, whilst going on a long & hot bush walk and also wearing it to work all day. I didn't have any problems with smudging, running or flaking, despite occasionally rubbing my eyes and wiping my face with a towel. The mascara stayed in place perfectly for me. So I agree with Blinc's marketing slogan that this mascara is "life proof".

I was a bit concerned as to whether this mascara would be easy to remove or not but I needn't have worried. It removed surprisingly easily given its great staying power during the day. 

Water alone and pressure alone will not remove this mascara. You need to use a combination of warm water and gentle pressure from either your fingers or a washcloth. This combination results in the tubes simply sliding off your lashes. It's quite amazing how it works.

If you're looking for a "life-proof" mascara or a lash lengthening one I recommend you give this a go. Click HERE to buy this Blinc Mascara from Ry Australia.

To view more of the Blinc Cosmetics range of products you can click HERE.HERE.

What mascara do you use? 
What new cosmetics brands have you discovered recently? 
Are there any other overseas brands you'd love to see in Australia?


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Monday, 16 February 2015

Makeup Organisation Solutions

My makeup is currently scattered across numerous locations in my bathroom (in the cupboard under the bathroom sink, next to the sink, in the bathroom wall cabinet), in my bedroom (in various makeup bags stored in boxes under my bed, on my bed side table, on my dressing table), in the car, in my handbag and in my top drawer at work to name just a few places. 

Thus I finally bit the bullet and decided it was time to get organised, declutter what I don't use or what is out of date, and make my favourite, everyday makeup items easier to find and access.

I scoured through Instagram & Pinterest looking at makeup organisation methods I could adopt. 

I decided to get an acrylic makeup organiser. Firstly because it could contain a lot of items in a relatively compact space and secondly because I liked how I'd be able see the contents without having to open any drawers or cupboards. 

I explored ebay trying to find a bargain acrylic makeup organiser in a style and size I wanted. I looked into the acrylic stationery organisers at Officeworks as a cheaper option. 

In the end however I decided to splurge and get the acrylic makeup organiser I fell in love with at first sight on The Makeup Box Shop's website.

In addition to The Makeup Box Shop's acrylic organiser I also purchased an Allure Cotton Pad Dispenser from Howards Storage World and the IKEA candle holders and pot plant holders for all my brushes and lip liners etc. 

All of The Makeup Box Shop's makeup organisers come in either "original" style with small rectangular flat handles or "glamour" style with diamond shaped handles. As I love a touch of glamour, bling and sparkle, for the miniscule extra cost of $4, I went for the glamour version!

I had been a bit worried about whether my organiser would get damaged during postage but I needn't have worried. The makeup organiser arrived really well packaged in bubble wrap with extra foam strategically placed around the handles and edges. This package was then encased in a firmly fitting foam box which was then encased in a cardboard box. Australia Post could have played football with this box and the contents wouldn't have been damaged!

How do you store your makeup? I'd love to hear some of your makeup 
organisation & storage tips!


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Monday, 9 February 2015

Subtle Energies Facial Blend & Gold Cream

Since Australia Day I have been featuring fabulous Australian products on my blog. I love supporting local Aussie companies! By buying Australian, we're not only supporting local jobs and our local economy, but we're also getting some of the best products in the world.

Since Australia Day, I firstly blogged about my top 10 uses for Lyloh Sarongs' delicious watermelon sarong. Everyone who sees this cute sarong can't help but smile! If you missed it you can read that post here.

Then last week I reviewed Gold Coast company LonVitalite's pampering C3 Red Wine Facial Mask. You can read this review here.

Today I'm reviewing two fabulous products from Subtle Energies, another Australian owned family business, namely their top selling Facial Blend and their luxurious Mogra Rejuvenating Gold Cream. I won these products through Subtle Energies' recent Instagram competition and after using them for two weeks, can honestly say I love them.

Subtle Energies offers a range of Ayurveda Aromatherapy blends, treatments and skincare. The Indian science of Ayurveda Aromatherapy developed from traditions dating back 40,000 years and is based on the five basic elements of air, ether (space), fire, water & earth. Subtle Energies' unique skin care range works to achieve balance and harmony whilst nurturing our skin & senses. I love this holistic approach!

You can read more about Ayurveda Aromatherapy on the Subtle Energies website here.

Subtle Energies Facial Blend

This blend includes Mogra, Indian Rose & Ashwagandha oils. I haven't knowingly come across these specific oils before but let me say, combined in this Facial Blend, they smell absolutely divine! I love this scent!

I've been applying 3 drops of Facial Blend to my palm and then gently patting it onto my face, neck & decolletage twice a day, once in the mornings after cleansing my skin and then again after my shower in the evenings before going to bed. 

Unlike some other oils, the exquisite scent of Facial Blend lingers. It is such a relaxing and soothing, beautiful fragrance. Since using it in the evenings I have found myself falling asleep easier and having a better quality sleep. A great, unexpected side benefit of using this product! 

In addition to the above benefit I've found Facial Blend to absorb quickly into my skin and
provide wonderful hydration to my 40+ year old skin. One of the downsides of ageing is the drying of my skin so I always look for good hydration from my products and Facial Blend definitely provides this.

The only thing I don't love about this product is its packaging. I find it a bit hard to easily get three drops out of the bottle. I have to tap the bottle against my palm at times to get a drop out. I would prefer a dropper method of dispensing. I don't know if this would affect the longevity of the product however. Despite this, I love the product itself and definitely find it beneficial for my mature skin. I will continue using this product.

Subtle Energies Mogra Rejuvenating Gold Cream

Subtle Energies Mogra Rejuvenating Gold Cream looks, smells and feels luxurious!
Not only is it encased in a gorgeous, golden, easy to dispense, pump bottle but it also contains 24K gold leaf!

24K gold leaf is known as a powerful anti-ageing ingredient which revives vitality in the skin.
This gold cream also contains mogra which stimulates cell renewal & promotes collagen production, & Indian rose which deep hydrates the skin, softening & restoring balance.

Does this cream live up to its claims? Well I'd have to answer with a definite yes! I've been using this gold cream twice a day in combination with the Facial Blend for just over two weeks now. I've found the gold cream to absorb well into my skin and leave my skin feeling softer and smoother. It also results in my skin looking "plumper" which in turn diminishes my fine lines. Yay!

I love the scent of this cream. It's very similar to the scent of the Facial Blend. I find them both so soothing and relaxing. It lingers on my skin rather than dissipating immediately as a lot of other creams' scents do.

Since using these two Subtle Energies products in the evenings before bed time I now wake up in the mornings feeling more refreshed and with a more radiant, dewy and youthful looking complexion. Thank you Subtle Energies!

I definitely recommend both of these products to anyone with dry or mature skin.

What is your favourite Australian beauty brand? 


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Monday, 2 February 2015

LonVitalite C3 Red Wine Facial Mask Review

I've been wanting to try LonVitalite's C3 Red Wine Collagen Firming & Moisturising Facial Masks for a while now. This mask was awarded beautyheaven's "Winner of Best New Face Mask of 2014". So I was very happy to be able to purchase a box of these facial masks in beautyheaven's December 2014 beautorium using my beautyheaven loyalty points. Yay! I love the benefits of being an active member of beautyheaven's website.

These masks are one of LonVitalite's anti-ageing masks.These masks claim to:
- promote the regeneration of damaged cells & repair skin tissue
- remove fine lines & fade deep wrinkles
- provide calm, soothing relief from the inflammation caused by sunburn
- increase the skin's resilience & firmness
- reduce the visible signs of fatigue 
- improve your skin's lustre, &
- intensely hydrate your skin.

This sounds exactly like what my 40+ year old skin needs!!!!

I received 5 face masks in my box, each individually sealed in a separate foil sachet.

The 4 step instructions for applying the mask were extremely easy to follow:
1) Wash face clean & pat dry.
2) Remove mask from satchel & open evenly.
3) Apply mask to the face & smooth evenly into place.
4) After 20 minutes remove the mask & rinse with clean water.

Upon opening the individual sachet, a pleasant red wine scent wafted out. Perfect for a Friday evening facial pampering session! This quickly dissipated however and once the mask was on my face I could no longer smell this scent. Maybe I'll just have to enjoy a glass of red wine later!

Each soft fabric mask is pre-soaked in concentrated serum containing extracts from the red wine grape seed. Luckily there is no hint of red wine in the colouring of the serum - my face has enough redness already!!!

I found this mask to be very easy and convenient to use, with no mess whatsoever. It covered my face well, although I did have to pull it in around my nose a bit after this photo was taken to ensure it smoothed down and was in contact with all the skin adjacent to my nose.

Scary mask photo included for those who want to see what the mask look like!
A little tip: Due to Sydney's swelteringly hot weather at the time I was reviewing this mask, I refrigerated the mask overnight prior to using it. As a result this mask provided a beautifully refreshing & cool facial treatment. Conversely, if using the masks in winter you can place the sachet in warm water for 2-3 minutes before use to receive a lovely warm facial treatment.

Another tip: I used the little bit of serum remaining in the sachet to cover my neck & decolletage regions. No point in wasting any of the serum!

Final tip: The instructions recommend to leave the mask on for 20 minutes. As the mask was still quite moist after 20 minutes I kept it on for longer to allow time for my skin to soak up all of the serum's goodness and nutrients. An hour had past by the time I removed my mask! By then it was almost completely dry, meaning that my skin had soaked up the maximum amount of serum possible. Plus I got to finish the book I was reading ;)

Upon removal of the mask my skin felt softer, smoother, firmer and more nourished than before. In addition to this my skin's pores looked smaller and my skin looked radiant and refreshed. Definitely an excellent result! I highly recommend this mask.

You can click HERE to buy a box of 5 of these masks for $39.00 from Ry Australia. 

Do you use face masks? If so, what face masks have you used?


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