Thursday, 28 September 2017

My Experience Buying Prescription Glasses Online

To be honest up to now I have always been hesitant to buy prescription glasses online without being able to try the frames on in person. 

I have enough difficulties buying glasses instore so I thought buying glasses online would be even harder.

So when I was offered the opportunity to choose a pair of prescription glasses online as a gift from I nearly declined this offer but then as I had experienced four unsuccessful trips to various instore glasses shops at Chatswood, St Ives, Warringah Mall and the Macquarie Centre to find glasses I liked I changed my mind and decided to give online glasses shopping a go! 

I am so glad I did take up this opportunity because buying prescription glasses online and choosing frames to suit my face was sooooo much easier online than instore! 

Let me explain why!

On every occasion when I went instore I had an over attentive sales assistant telling me the glasses I was trying on looked wonderful when I totally didn't agree! I became frustrated on each occasion trying on between 10 - 20 frames in each store with the sales assistant hovering right next to me and not finding any I liked.

I also had difficulties seeing what they looked like on me as the glasses I was trying on obviously weren't fitted with my prescription.  

Online is so much more leisurely and less stressful. It is actually a fun experience! 

I started off checking out the thousands of different styles of women's glasses. 

To narrow my choice down I limited my price to under $70. There were still hundreds of glasses to choose from.

Once I found some glasses I thought I might like I simply clicked on the 'Try On' option to see a model wearing the glasses. 

My favourite feature however was the 'Try On With A Close Up Pic' option where I could upload a selfie and then see how the glasses would look on me!

This is the best feature ever! 

It is so quick and easy to click on the glasses and then see on your own photo what the glasses will look like.

It is definitely quicker and easier than actually trying on the glasses in real life.

Plus as I was wearing my own prescription glasses at the time I could see clearly what I would look like wearing the chosen glasses.

I was quickly able to rule out styles and colours of frames that simply did not suit me. 

Harry Potter style round lenses and red frames are definitely not the best choice for me - lol!

Here's a photo of the reading glasses I ended up choosing. 

If you want more information about The Mummy Bloggers book I'm reading click HERE.  
I highly recommend it as an entertaining read, especially if you are a blogger! 

Optically also sells a huge range of prescription sunglasses with prices starting from $15 and ranging up to $200. I might need to order a new pair in time for the warmer weather and sunshine.  

The other huge benefit of buying glasses online is the heavily discounted price. 

Prices for a complete pair of prescription glasses including the lenses themselves, the frames and the postage start from $19! 

For those of you who have previously paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars instore for a pair of prescription glasses like I have, you will know what a bargain price this is! 

I'm sure you're now wondering about the quality of these online glasses. Let me reassure you that I have no complaints whatsoever about the quality of the glasses I received! 

If you are not completely satisfied Optically have a 100% guarantee which enables you to obtain a full refund.

I'm so tempted to now buy several more pairs of prescription glasses online so I can have a wardrobe of glasses to coordinate with different outfits! 

Do you have a wardrobe of glasses? 

Have you bought any glasses online? 

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The above pair of prescription glasses was kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
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Monday, 25 September 2017

Lush Yoga Bath Bomb Review, Photos & Video

I love Lush and I especially love Lush bath bombs!

There's nothing better than relaxing in a bath tub of swirling & fizzing colourful water with divine scents wafting through the air!

I know a lot of you are lovers of Lush bath bombs too so I thought I'd start sharing more of my Lush bath bomb experiences with you to help you pick and choose which Lush bath bombs you may wish to purchase and experience for yourself next.

For today's blog post I'm sharing my experience with the Lush Yoga bath bomb.

Lush Yoga Bath Bomb

The Lush Yoga bath bomb is actually quite unassuming looking. It is a round shape and pale orange in colour. If you were choosing a bath bomb on looks alone, this bath bomb would probably not be your first choice!

Lush Yoga Bath Bomb

When you drop it in the bath it is a very slow fizzing bath bomb, rotating and dissolving slowly whilst letting off white and orange froth as the video below shows. It releases deeply relaxing olibanum and ho wood scents. It also contains soothing sandalwood oil.

Just when I concluded that the Yoga bath bomb was wonderfully relaxing and calming but not very spectacular looking, it surprised me.

It suddenly revealed, hidden in the middle of the Yoga bath bomb, gorgeous bright colours including vibrant blue, turquoise and purple.

Lush Yoga Bath Bomb Surprise Hidden Centre

I've heard other reviewers say these brighter colours fizz faster and the colours swirl into the bath but mine didn't really do this. I think it may have been because my bath bomb was relatively old as it had been sitting in my bathroom for several months waiting to be used as I must confess I used the more colourful looking bath bombs first. I know, I know, I should never judge a book (or in this case a bath bomb) by its cover, but I'm sorry, I did!

This was the colour of the water at the end of my Yoga bath bomb bath. It might be a bit hard to see in this photo but this bath bomb left a gorgeous golden sparkle through out the water.
Lush Yoga Bath Bomb 

I'm now wanting to buy another of these Yoga bath bombs to use when it's a lot fresher to see if there is a difference.

Regardless, overall I found this to be the perfect bath bomb to indulge in before bed time due to its calming, soothing and relaxing scents as I do rate divine scents over spectacular fizzing. Thus I'd be happy to repurchase more of these Yoga bath bombs to use again before bed time!

My skin felt moisturised and silky smooth after my bath.

I received my original Yoga bath bomb as part of the Experimenter Bath Bomb Gift Pack.

Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb Gift Box

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Have you used the Lush Yoga bath bomb?

What is your favourite Lush bath bomb?


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Monday, 18 September 2017

Adrift Mantra Dress - Perfect for Spring & Summer

Spring is finally here! The weather is warming up and flowers are starting to bloom everywhere.

It's once again pleasant to go wandering around the stunning foreshores of Sydney, 

Beautiful Balmoral

Admiring the Yachts at Balmoral

and to sit in outdoor waterfront cafes without having to shiver under a blanket or huddle around an outdoor heater.

Brunching at Balmoral Boathouse 

Spring to me is a season of renewal and one of the areas of my life I renew each Spring is my wardrobe.

I have now packed away my winter woollies, jackets and coats, and have started adding light weight clothing, especially dresses, to my wardrobe.

One such new dress that I have recently chosen to add to my wardrobe is the Adrift Mantra Dress in Pink Tile.

I am soooooo in love with this dress! 

It is lightweight, feminine, flowy AND it has pockets! 

Adrift Mantra Dress in Pink Tile

The Mantra dress is pleated up the top and flows into an A-line skirt to knee level thus skimming over and disguising all my lumpy and bumpy bits. 

Together the round neckline with it's V-opening flatters and slims your figure beautifully!

The three quarter length sleeves flatter the arms. Such a brilliant design!

Depending on how you accessorise this dress it can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

One of my favourite features of this dress is the gorgeous pink lattice detail on the sleeves. 

It is these exquisite details that elevate this dress to the next level! 

And the pink edging around the end of the sleeves and hem is so soft and flattering next to your skin!

Adrift Mantra Dress in Pink Tile

Also did you notice the pink tassels?!

Adrift Mantra Dress in Pink Tile

This dress, along with many other beautiful designs is available from the website. Adrift designs are stocked in both regular sizes and plus sizes.

Adrift Mantra Dress in Pink Tile

The Adrift Mantra Dress in Pink Tile is available in sizes XS(8) to XL(16) and then in plus sizes up to 3/4XL(22+). Note that at the time of writing this, the 3XL/4XL size was not in stock.

If you are interested in buying this Mantra Dress make sure you sign up to the Adrift mailing list and you will receive 20% off your first order.

Are you starting to renew your wardrobe too now that Spring has arrived?


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The above dress was chosen by me as a gift from Adrift for editorial consideration. 
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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Monday Makeup Madness 123 Link Up

The aim of the Monday Makeup Madness link up is to share some beauty blogger love, strengthen our beauty blogger community and help all the participating beauty blogs be seen by new readers. 

The link up also provides readers with a wide variety of beauty blogs they can access from one convenient location. 

All bloggers are welcome to join in and link up ONE beauty related post each. 

Monday Makeup Madness 123 Link Up

The four most viewed posts from last week's Monday Makeup Madness link up were:

I'd love you to join this week's Monday Makeup Madness link up and if your post is one of the three most clicked upon I'll feature it in next week's link up post. I'll also pick one other linked post to feature. The rules of the link up are simple: 

  • Link up one makeup or beauty related post a week only. 
  • Include a link back to Fabulous and Fun Life in your post. 
  • Visit and comment on three or more linked posts. Remember the more you comment on other beauty bloggers' posts the more likely they will be to return the love by visiting and commenting on your blog.
  • This link up starts early each Monday morning (Sydney time) and remains open until late Wednesday evening.
Finally, please share the link to this Monday Makeup Madness link up on your blogs & social media to help get the word out among more beauty bloggers, inviting them to join in & share some beauty blogger love with us! We will all benefit from more link up participants and readers. 

Let the Link Up Fun Begin! 


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Monday, 11 September 2017

Three Must Read Books For Bloggers & Instagram Influencers

3 Must Read Books For Bloggers

I've read three brilliant books recently that I think are must reads for all bloggers, Instagram influencers and girl bosses! 

I know a lot of my regular readers, in addition to being beauty lovers, also fall into one or more of the above categories, so I thought I'd share these books with you.

They each have the potential to help you succeed in very different ways.

Must Read Books For Bloggers, Instagram Influencers & Girl Bosses

I am a huge fan of Instagram, blogging and photography and am always looking to improve the quality and style of my photos.

It's true what they say about photos - a photo is worth 1000 words! 

And if you're an Instagram influencer good quality, stylish photos can be worth quite a lot of money to you as well!

Thanks to apps such as the Tribe and also to brands who approach you direct with sponsorship offers, or who you approach direct with sponsorship proposals, good quality photos on Instagram can turn into Insta Gold!

That is why I was so excited to discover Aimee Song's book Capture Your Style.

Aimee Song for those of you who aren't familiar with her is the blogger behind Song of Style and has over 4.6 million followers on Instagram. Her photos are absolutely stunning! 

Capture Your Style by Aimee Song

Her book Capture Your Style will help you up your InstaGame and also the photos on your blog too.

She shares her secrets to taking gorgeous Instagram photos, building your brand and following, and showcasing your style.

Whether you are just starting out or already have countless followers Capture Your Style will help you optimise your content further, and take your imagery, strategy and skills, and thus your earning ability, to the next level.

I was so impatient and wanted to start reading Aimee's book Capture Your Style as soon as I spied it in my local book store so I paid full price for it (damn it) but you can click HERE to buy it from Booktopia for 31% off. You may as well save some money even if I didn't!

Girl Code By Cara Alwill Leyba

My next must read book recommendation for bloggers & girl bosses is Cara Alwill Leyba's Girl Code - Unlocking The Secrets To Success, Sanity and Happiness For The Female Entrepreneur.

This book teaches you how to build confidence in yourself, reconnect with your 'why', eradicate jealousy and ultimately learn the power of connection.

It also advises how to cope with the haters and copycats.

Following the principles in Girl Code we can ALL succeed!

This book is so inspirational and relevant for female entrepreneurs, professionals and 'side hustlers' like a lot of us bloggers with other full time or part time employment. I have found it immensely beneficial.

Girl Code is full of personal stories from successful female entrepreneurs, inspirational quotes and mantras, with practical workbook sections. It's interesting to note that companies such as Kate Spade and Macy's have brought Cara in to teach her 'Girl Code' to them.

Click HERE to buy Girl Code from Booktopia for 34% off.

The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright

Last but not least, I couldn't put Holly Wainwright's The Mummy Bloggers down after I started reading it last week. It's such a great fictional read that seamlessly weaves into it numerous recent online and offline scandals and parenting issues.

It shows us what can happen when bloggers descend into full-on competition mode with each other - not a pretty sight at all! 

The Mummy Bloggers highlights how every thing behind the screen is not always as rosy and perfect as it seems. It also depicts how trolling can get out of hand.

Apart from being a very funny and entertaining read, The Mummy Bloggers shows us the dangers of being too competitive and not supporting each other in our blogging journeys. 

These Mummy Bloggers really should read Girl Code! Thank goodness the majority of bloggers I've met to date are friendly and non-competitive! 

If you're a blogger, regardless of your niche, I really think you will enjoy The Mummy Bloggers as a lighthearted read.

Despite being a very recent release you can click HERE to buy The Mummy Bloggers for 25% off.

Have you read any of these books?

Do you have any other must read book recommendations for bloggers?


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